About Us


MetalMinimalist is the brainchild of Porsha Troost, an honours graduate of the Jewellery Arts advanced diploma program at George Brown College in Toronto, Canada.

An emerging multi-disciplinary goldsmith, Porsha specializes in Japanese vitreous enamel and mokume gane and is currently down the rabbit hole of learning mitsuro hikime wax casting.

As an avid gardener, she draws much of her inspiration from the beauty, frailty and transient nature of plants. Through a combination of enamel, alternative metals and mokume gane, her work captures their organic forms using rich colouration to evoke a sense of enchantment, nostalgia and whimsy.

Porsha has been awarded the Dean’s Medal (2019/2020) and Pierres des Charme award (2021/2022) from George Brown College and has participated in group exhibitions in Halifax, Toronto and New York.